Love Our Lives was founded by Leanne Prendergast as a project at the age of 12 and later created it into a not for profit organization to empower other young girls who had experienced being bullied or suffering from low self-esteem. Over the years Love Our Lives has provided a space by which girls and women can obtain information and support in understanding the various dynamics of bullying; such as bullying among peers, domestic violence in relationships and bullying in the workplace. Love Our Lives helps to restore girls, women and relations through informative, practical and interactive approaches.

Love Our Lives currently is creating projects and programs that will not only address issues for girls but will extend to supporting the needs and interests of boys who also experience bullying, isolation, depression and low self-esteem. Love Our Lives uses a service-learning approach by which it engages people to become involved in creating ways to stop bullying and make people aware of its long-term impact.