Back to School Girls' Program

Monday August 24th 2020 to Friday August 28th 2020


Back to School Girls' Program 2017-2019



About the Back to School Program

Toronto, Ontario | Benton Harbor, Michigan

School is around the corner and there are many things to be excited about. Meeting new friends, the first day of school outfit, staying organized, doing homework and finding time to socialize are just a few! However, back to school isn’t fun or easy for all girls. Bullying is a serious matter, and often takes place within the school setting where girls are supposed to learn and prosper.

With COVID-19 restrictions, girls are even more vulnerable to Cyber bullying. Being a victim of bullying can often effect girls in how they interact with their peers and teachers, their grades and may even cause them to withdraw and feel isolated. Studies show that 1 out of every 4 girls face either depression, eating disorders, cutting and other kinds of mental/emotional disorders, and some experience anxiety, lack of sleep and continue to face significant pressure. We believe that school should be a safe place for girls to love themselves and get excited about, whether they are in the classroom or online. Love Our Lives now presents our virtual Back to School Program which allows girls to go at their own pace of learning. Learn more about our vision, mission, goals and program breakdown here.

About the ‘Back to School’ Program (B2S)

Love Our Lives’ Girls’ Back to School Program is a one-day program which focuses on getting our girls prepared for back to school using fun ways to encourage being happy and healthy. Our 4 main topics are Mindfulness, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Choices and Self-love. B2S uses the P.E.A.R. Method which is a tool used to promote Prevention, Engagement, Action and Resilience (explanation found in next section). Therefore, the B2S Program prepares and equip girls with strategies on how to make their back to school experience a positive and meaningful one.