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About The Book

Mirror, mirror on the wall… If only I could be the prettiest one of all. If only I didn’t have period pains and feel bloated. And if only I could always be happy and not have these rages. I feel like an Estrogen Junky. One day I am told to “grow up”, the next day I am told, “you act too grown up.” And so I search to find myself. I desire to be P.O.P.U.L.A.R. to be among the popular girls. But how often have I lost who I am as I try to be what I am not? I am left hurt and bruised like a Broken Telephone— seen but not heard. It’s strange that those who seem unpopular have been the most caring and reliable people in my life. I have learned that Loving the Unwanted has helped me to appreciate that finding myself is finding the beauty from within. Seeing the qualities of people in their sincerity and loyalty and not in the outward show that girls our age often display.

Series 1 will help us as girls in Getting to Know Me, that’s you. It will share with you the pains and hurts we all go through. But most of all it will show us that we can be stronger and beautifully and wonderfully made… and we are to help each other. But let us first get to know ourselves.

Getting to Know Me, p. 17

” I grew strong in order to defend other people who were going through the same hurt I went through– but not knowing that I hadn’t dealt with all the hurt in me.”    -Leanne Prendergast, p. 23